Support for Self-represented Litigants
Support for Self-represented Litigants
People who represent themselves in family proceedings without a lawyer (Self-Represented Litigants) can be at a major disadvantage.
This is because:
  1. Family law is complicated.
  2. Court processes can be quite difficult to understand.
One of our goals is to help self-represented litigants by guiding them through the court system and assisting them in the preparation of court document. This is crucial, particularly at the start of a legal matter.
We can help you develop your case theory.
i.e. What is your case about? What is relevant to your matter? What results are you trying to achieve?
We will explain the entire process to you in a simple and well-structured way.
We do not profit from this.
Here are all the costs:
$90 incl GST
A consultation before a Court Hearing with one of our Principal Solicitors
$360 incl GST
We can also settle your court documents.
Applications and affidavit material (except trial documents)

Hopefully we can help you be more well-equipped in Court.
Evgeny, CEO @Genuine Legal
Barrister & Solicitor