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Family law matters can be complicated.
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Transparency is our key competence. We will provide you with a fixed fee quote for your case or a particular stage of your case. Our fixed fee can be paid by way of Payment Plan. We will not ask you to pay a large amount upfront.
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In short, divorce is a legal finalisation of a marriage. Our lawyers are well-equipped to handle both simple and complex cases. Most cases are easily resolved. The case only becomes more complex if parties have been separated under one roof, or due to location-based difficulties.
The majority of parenting disputes are very simple to resolve, without the need of going to Court. However, if such need is required, our lawyers are well-equipped to handle such complex cases. We have extensive experience in dealing with parenting matters involving family violence and abuse.
A parenting plan - a written agreement between parents. It covers:
- day-to-day responsibilities of each parent
- practical considerations of a child’s daily life
- how parents will agree and consult on important long-term issues about their children
It can be changed at any time as long as both parents agree.
Our lawyers will help you with your property settlement and spousal maintenance matters. We will inform you of your entitlements, as well as the whole legal process. Our goal is to finalise your property settlement matter as quickly as possible with the best possible outcome for you.
At Genuine Legal we understand that whether you are the applicant or the respondent to a domestic violence protection order (DVO in QLD or ADVO in NSW) of any kind, these are matters that must be taken seriously.
People who represent themselves in family proceedings without a lawyer (Self-Represented Litigants) can be at a major disadvantage.
One of our goals is to help self-represented litigants by guiding them through the court system and assisting them in the preparation of court document. This is crucial, particularly at the start of a legal matter.
We can help you develop your case theory.
Final Hearings (also known as Trials) are held in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court. They determine applications for Final Orders. The Final Orders do have serious implications.
The Final Hearing takes place after all interim applications have been finalised and you have participated in the pre-trial procedures, which includes a directions hearing. We usually instruct a Barrister to conduct the hearing on your behalf.
A will is a legal document with information and instructions for who you want to care for your children, inherit your estate and be the executor of your estate when you pass away.
It is crucial that your Will is prepared by experts who are aware of all legal technicalities.
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