Parenting Matters
The majority of parenting disputes are very simple and will not require Court proceedings to resolve the matter. However, if Court proceedings are required, our lawyers are well-equipped to handle such complex cases. We have extensive experience in dealing with parenting matters involving family violence and abuse.
Settling your matter outside of Family Court
  • $4,400 incl GST

    Consent Orders (Children)
  • $5,800 incl GST

    Consent Orders (Children & Property)
Representation if your matter is in Family Court
  • $2,900 incl GST

    All work up until the first Mention Hearing.
    (Initiating Court documents, response, Affidavit material, Genuine Steps Certificate, all correspondence, advice)
  • $1,800 incl GST

    Preparation and representation at the Mention Hearing.
  • $2,500 incl GST

    Preparation, correspondence, advice, review all material & representation at a half day / full day Mediation
Nevertheless, we remain committed to providing legal representation at an affordable fixed fee rate.
We offer clear #PaymentPlans
Payment plan №1
Payment plan №2
Payment plan №3
Initial deposit:
$150 per week
Initial deposit:
$150 per week
Individual even if:
$100 per week