Divorce Proceedings
In short, divorce is a legal finalisation of a marriage. Our lawyers are well-equipped to handle both simple and complex cases. Most cases are easily resolved. The case only becomes more complex if parties have been separated under one roof, or due to location-based difficulties.
Services & Price
  • $1,600 incl GST

    Joint Application Divorce
  • $2,200 incl GST

    Sole Application Divorce
  • $2,600 incl GST

    Joint Application + separated under one roof
  • $2,800 incl GST

    Sole Application + separated under one roof
Nevertheless, we remain committed to providing legal representation at an affordable fixed fee rate.
We offer clear #PaymentPlans
Payment plan №1
Payment plan №2
Payment plan №3
Initial deposit:
$150 per week
Initial deposit:
$150 per week
Individual even if:
$100 per week

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