At Genuine Legal we understand that whether you are the applicant or the respondent to a domestic violence protection order (DVO in QLD or ADVO in NSW) of any kind, these are matters that must be taken seriously.
We currently accept DVO matters in Queensland only.
Book a DV consultation at $250 now
We have a designated team of DV Solicitors dealing exclusively with domestic violence matters
The DV Team work closely with our Family Law team, meaning any family law issues (parenting, property etc) arising from a DV matter will be taken care of straight away.
In Queensland, if you are experiencing domestic
or family violence you can apply for a domestic violence protection order, or ask the police to apply for you.

In New South Wales an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) is made where the people involved are related, living together
or in an intimate relationship, or have previously been in a relationship.
Speak to us if:
you want to apply for a domestic violence protection order;
someone has applied for a domestic violence protection order against you;
you have been issued with a police protection notice;
police have made an application for a domestic violence protection order against you;
you want to change a domestic violence protection order;
you have been asked to attend family dispute resolution but have concerns for your safety.
After you have submitted your application, you’ll be given a date to go to court. The date and a copy of your application will be given to the respondent.
We are here to provide you legal advice, as well as the best possible outcome for your unique situation. We understand that no two sides of the story are the same and we are here to listen to you.
The respondent can choose to:
  • agree to a domestic violence order being made
  • oppose the application for an order
  • ask for another court date to give them time to get legal advice.
If the respondent disagrees with the application for a domestic violence order, another court date will be made for a hearing.
If you are the Respondent and have been served with a DVO or ADVO please seek legal advice immediately. A breach of a DVO or ADVO is a criminal offence. The breach can be as simple as a text message to the protected person, tracking via a shared cloud account, social media message or even a social media post reaction.
Protection order packages
Making an application for a DVO / AVO or defending the application, review the materials, negotiating, where appropriate, to settle the matter by way of undertaking with the other party, representation at first court appearance excluding the final hearing (mentions). The fee for each following court appearance is $950 incl GST.
DVO Package #1
Review the materials, preparation and representation and arguing the case at the Final Order Hearing (Trial), appearance at the delivery of the determination (judgement)
DVO Package #2
$2,500 incl GST
$4,400 - $4,800 incl GST
Nevertheless, we remain committed to providing legal representation at an affordable fixed fee rate.
Consultation with an experienced Senior Domestic Violence Solicitor - $250 fee
We offer advice and representation in DV matters in QLD & NSW only. What is included:
  1. Review all correspondence in relation to DVO / AVO
  2. Review all Court materials (if applicable)
  3. 1-hour consultation with a Senior DV Solicitor (face-to-face, telephone, Zoom / Google Meet / Microsoft teams video call)
  4. Answering all questions related to the matter