Finances and property: Safety and risk
Navigate financial matters and property with safety in family law. Inform the court of risks, utilize expert evidence, and engage with the Lighthouse program. For tailored advice, consult our experts.
When dealing with financial matters and property in family law, ensuring safety is crucial. If you have a family violence order, it is mandatory to inform the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia using the Notice of child abuse, family violence, or risk form when filing parenting order-related applications.
Understanding family violence orders and their potential impact on court orders, especially regarding children, is vital. The Court relies on expert evidence, such as family reports and assessments, to assess risks in children's cases. The costs of these services are generally covered by the involved parties.
The Court's commitment to safeguarding vulnerable parties and children is exemplified through Lighthouse, a programme addressing cases involving family violence, mental health, substance misuse, and child abuse. If you are filing orders related to children in specific locations, you will be invited to complete a risk screen through Lighthouse.
Prioritising safety at court is paramount. If you have concerns about your safety during court proceedings, the Court can help with safety plans. For personalised advice and assistance about your finances and property, book a consultation. with our lawyers who specialise in family law matters.

Stay informed and protected throughout your family law journey.
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