How flexible are Final Consent Orders in parenting matter
Understand flexibility in Final Consent Orders for parenting matters. Learn how Parenting Orders are determined and how changes can be made. Contact us for legal consultation.
How the Parenting Orders are determined.

Final Parenting Orders are intended to set out the arrangements for a parties child(ren) from the date the Orders are made until the youngest child turns 18. They should set out in detail arrangements for the children which are reasonably foreseeable. All Orders should specify that the parents can make whatever arrangements they want for the children as agreed by both of them, preferably in writing, but that in default the children will spend time with each parent in a prescribed manner. This then removes or at least tries to reduce the risk of conflict between the parties and provides a good degree of certainty.
Making changes to the Parenting Orders.

It is always anticipated that if a parent needs to swap or vary time arrangements, with different changeover locations for example they can do so if they agree.
Therefore, the Orders can always be flexible providing the parties can discuss variations and reach an agreement.
Opposition to changes of the Parenting Orders.

They become more inflexible if a parent insists on adhering strictly to the Orders when the other parent wants some flexibility or to make changes. Therefore, it is important to consider as many scenarios as possible to try and address future needs and do everything possible to try and be flexible with the other parent to ensure things remain amicable. It is not always possible to do that though and then the default position is to follow the Orders strictly.
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