What are the best apps for separated parents in 2024?
Discover top apps for separated parents to co-parent effectively. If you are a mom or dad who does not live with your kids' other parent, you know how tricky it can be to keep everything in check.
If you are a mom or dad who does not live with your kids' other parent, you know how tricky it can be to keep everything in check. Staying on top of your children's schedules and needs while making sure you and the other parent are on the same page is crucial. Thankfully, there are some helpful apps designed to make co-parenting smoother, and here are the top picks:
Our Family Wizard
Made by people who have been through divorce themselves, this app is a great tool for sharing info and keeping communication clear. It helps with managing expenses, keeping track of parenting time, and staying updated on important things like school meetings.
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This app has a cool calendar feature that helps parents sync their schedules and avoid conflicts. It also has a money management tool to track shared expenses, and it provides useful info about the kids, like their clothing sizes and blood types.
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Created by a psychologist, WeParent aims to reduce conflicts so parents can focus on raising happy kids. It helps with managing documents, custody schedules, messaging, expenses, and appointments, creating a stress-free environment.
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Our Children
This app offers mobile and online tools for co-parents to keep track of shared expenses, store contact details, and handle calendar issues. A bonus is that parents can add their children to the account, making communication even smoother.
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A user-friendly app that lets separated parents update to-do lists, plan meals, and keep track of school projects. It also features a family journal to record special moments with the kids.
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And if you need help figuring out child support, there are calculators like the Australian Child Support Calculator that can give you estimates.

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