Elder abuse

Elder abuse is a serious issue that affects many older individuals. It occurs when someone in a position of trust with an older person commits acts that cause harm or neglect, whether emotional, psychological, financial, physical, or sexual.

Sadly, many older people may not report or discuss their concerns about abuse due to various reasons such as shame, fear of retaliation, or not recognizing the signs of abuse. This can make it challenging to address and stop elder abuse.

Recognising the signs of elder abuse is crucial in preventing further harm. If you or someone you know is experiencing elder abuse, there are resources available to help.
How to Get Help

In Queensland, you can call the free and confidential Elder Abuse Helpline on 1300 651 192 from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm.

For more information about elder abuse and how to recognise it, as well as access support services, you can visit the Queensland Government website.

Additionally, the Seniors Enquiry Line offers information and support for older individuals, their families, friends, grandparents, and carers. You can reach them at 1300 135 500.

The Seniors Legal and Support Service (SLASS) provides free legal and social work support to individuals over the age of 60 (or 50 for Indigenous people) who are experiencing elder abuse, mistreatment, or financial exploitation.
Family and Domestic Violence

Elder abuse isn't limited to physical harm. It can also include family and domestic violence, which can be perpetrated by partners, relatives, or family members. If you are experiencing family or domestic violence, there are services available to help you.

DV Connect offers support 24/7 at 1800 811 811.

Other services such as Legal Aid Queensland, family relationship centers, and the Family Relationship Advice Line may also provide assistance in situations of family and domestic violence.
Get Legal Advice

Our experienced team is here to provide guidance and support. Book a 1-hour consultation with us to discuss your concerns and explore your legal options.
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