Understanding Domestic Violence in Australia
At Genuine Legal, we believe knowledge is power. The more you know, the safer you are. Let us shed light on what defines domestic violence in Australia.
If you or someone close to you is experiencing domestic violence, contact the police or 1800RESPECT using their online chat. No one should face this alone.
Domestic and family violence extends beyond physical harm; it is a repeated pattern of behavior where one person in a relationship makes the other feel unsafe. This can happen in any relationship, not just with intimate partners.
Regardless of background, anyone can be a victim—partners, ex-partners, family members, caregivers, or even those you live with. No one has the right to make you live in fear.
Forms of Domestic and Family Violence

It's not always physical. Psychological, emotional, sexual, financial, spiritual, social, legal abuse, and more fall under its umbrella. It's about coercive control—a repeated pattern to dominate and control.
What Can Domestic and Family Violence Look Like?

No one should:
Threaten harm to you, your loved ones, or pets.
Cut you off from friends and family.
Control your actions, decisions, or use the legal system to intimidate.
Make caring for a baby difficult.
Use fear tactics, monitoring, or sharing private information without permission.
If someone is making you feel scared or unsafe, seeking help is not only okay but crucial.
Scare you by following you, harassing you, or refusing to leave you alone.
Stop you from making decisions about whether or not to have a baby or other reproductive issues.
Take your money or use money to make your life hard.
Touch you in ways or places you don’t want to be touched.
Say and do things that make you feel scared or unsafe.
Monitor your phone, social media, and emails without your permission.
Share private photos or videos of you online without your permission.
Damage walls, parts of your home, or your things.
Hit, kick, and do other things that hurt your body.
These are only some things that domestic and family violence may involve. There are many others. If anyone is making you feel scared, worried, or unsafe, it is okay to ask for help.
If you or someone close to you is experiencing domestic violence, contact the police or 1800RESPECT using their online chat. No one should face this alone.
At Genuine Legal, we stand against domestic violence, and our team is here to support you.
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