When mediation is not appropriate
Mediation is a helpful way to solve family problems by reaching an agreement together, instead of saying who is right or wrong. But, it does not work for everyone. In this post, we will talk about times when mediation might not be the best choice for your family matters.
Mediating Parenting Matters:

For issues related to kids, mediation is a must, but it may not always fit. In these cases, you need a certificate from a family dispute resolution person before going to court. This applies if there are safety concerns, problems finding the other person, urgency, or if the mediator thinks it will not work.
Mediating Property Matters:

Sorting out property stuff through mediation is not required, but it is encouraged by the court, especially for small issues. Still, there are times when it might not work, like when someone refuses to join, there are money problems like bankruptcy, it is urgent, or there is family violence. In these cases, special arrangements can be made for a safe mediation, like separate rooms or talking on the phone.
Deciding if mediation is right for you depends on your unique situation. If you are unsure, book a call about mediation. We will provide advice that fits your situation, ensuring you choose the best way to resolve your family issues.
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