Myths About Lawyers (Part 1)
It seems that no matter what profession you take up, there will be some stereotypes about you. Well, we admit that some of them do hold true. However, a wide majority of stereotypes are just that… stereotypes.
Lawyers are scary
Yes, lawyers can seem intimidating, but we are all just humans. We have the exact same problems and worries as you do. The only difference is our occupation.
Take dentists, for instance. Many of us are scared of them, but these people are there to save you from pain and make sure you will be smiling with a healthy shining smile.
Lawyers are the same - they do want to relieve you from your pain and make sure everything works out for you. Nevertheless, family matters could be very complicated but having a lawyer beside you changes the game completely.
Legal cases are long processes
A common misconception is that a legal procedure is a never-ending process with zero transparency and communication between lawyers and clients.
This does not have to be true! At Genuine Legal we aim to give our clients clear timelines. We take accountability for our work and use an App where each client can observe their case being handled in real time.
If a law firm works on a results-basis, they do not have any incentive to prolong your case. On the contrary, it is more beneficial for them to help you out as soon as possible, so they can do the same for the next client.
Legal Services are always overpriced and super expensive
Now this one is tricky. Yes, many legal services are quite expensive; however, this most often has to do with such legal firms not utilising fixed fees.
Fixed fees ensure that the client knows exactly how much they will be paying in the end. The lawyers in return are paid per the amount of work completed.
Lawyers are always trying to play for time and charge more money
As we discussed previously, the majority of legal firms do not use a fixed fee system. In that case, yes, the more time you spend in the room with your solicitor, the more bucks you’ll have to pay later (and imagine if there are two of them).
Genuine Legal uses a fixed fee system, which means we are paid for the amount of work produced. This means it is in our best interest to handle your case as swiftly and efficiently as possible. It’s a win-win situation for both parties!