Myths About Lawyers (Part 3)
Due to popular demand we bring you another segment of Myths About Lawyers.
Why are we busting those myths? Well… many people hesitate for a while before actually contacting a lawyer. They even try to handle their case themselves, which could not only hurt their case, but also impact them financially.
We are ready to unpick the most common legal myths to help our future clients seek help sooner and not waste their precious time.
Lawyers negotiate with police, judges and prosecution
It is a common myth that lawyers are dishonest and they often conduct secret deals with the prosecution.
Although we do work with police, judges and prosecution and police when required, it is in no one’s interest to conduct such secret deals. A lawyer’s job is to serve their client to the best of their ability and get them the best outcome possible.
At Genuine Legal we always put our clients first.
All lawyers are the same
There is a myth that all lawyers are the same. This is absolutely not true on many parameters. The most obvious one is that different lawyers specialise in different fields. However, even in family law there are differences… Here are a couple:
First, there are different levels of competency, which reflects in the quality of your representation.
Second, there are costs, which (quite frankly) hardly ever reflect the competency of the lawyer to deal with your case.
In our case, we offer fixed prices, pro bono and payment plans to take the financial strain off of our clients.
Lawyers are unnecessary
Some people think that because they only met with their lawyer two or three times, the lawyer is not working on their case. In reality, most of the work happens behind the scenes, such as research. Even though you may only meet your lawyer a handful of times, they still put in a lot of hours into your case that you do not observe.
A good lawyer will win every case
Even the best lawyer cannot win every case. If they claim to do so, it could also mean they only accept cases that are easy to win. An attorney can be smart, skilled, dedicate many hours to your case, but still lose. Every person deserves a fair outcome, and that is what a great lawyer will aim to achieve for you.
Lawyers know everything
Another common misconception about lawyers is that they know everything. Now, that’s quite understandable especially if you have watched your fair share of Suits. However, this is not often the case. Although lawyers are generally quite smart, they are not experts in every area of law. Most lawyers choose to specialise in a specific field, whether it is property, divorce, parenting matters. This is to provide their clients with the best possible representation. We hope you enjoyed this segment of Myths About Lawyers. We will certainly aim to keep this up. Feel free to leave any suggestions for future entries as well. Check our Instagram.