Myths About Lawyers (Part 4)
Due to popular demand we bring you yet another segment of Myths About Lawyers.
Why are we busting those myths? Well… many people hesitate for a while before actually contacting a lawyer. They even try to handle their case themselves, which could not only hurt their case, but also impact them financially. We are ready to unpick the most common legal myths to help our future clients seek help sooner and not waste their precious time.
Lawyers work alone

While in the movies it looks like attorneys play the “hero” card, and pull rabbits out of the hat to score unexpected or last-minute victories, in reality most cases are worked on by a team of people. Each person in this team puts in dozens of hours on things like background research, investigation, fact checking, and other types of preparation for legal transactions or trials.

Lawyers need to be able to work well with others, therefore, and contribute effectively in a team environment.

Lawyers’ work is exciting
If you think all lawyers are like Harvey Specter or Jack McCoy, think again. Unfortunately, shows like Law and Order and Suits don’t capture the daily grind of being a lawyer. Although rewarding, being a lawyer involves many tedious and nonglamerious tasks such as hours of research and writing. Our job also requires deep concentration and quiet spaces. We are required to read every word of the documents we are reviewing. And the reading is not as exciting as reading your favorite novel.
Lawyers can help with any case
While every lawyer has some basic understanding of the legal system, not all of them are knowledgeable in each particular area of law. Like doctors or other professionals, lawyers have specific areas of practice. This enables attorneys to best represent their client’s interests.
If you are looking for a lawyer, it is recommended that you narrow your search to the area of law you are dealing with.
Lawyers can’t take holidays
It’s no secret that practicing law is tough, but no one ever said that being a lawyer means you have to have a boring life. Lawyers are fun people too. Lawyers need to live a balanced life in order to be able to function at their best. Among other relaxing activities, this means taking a vacation or two throughout the year. These vacations allow time to reboot and refresh.
Lawyers are ambulance-chasers
Lawyers absolutely aren’t allowed to solicit an injured or vulnerable person in any way. We cannot go to hospitals or courts looking for potential clients, and have to be extremely careful about referrals.
Even if someone refers a potential client to us, we cannot legally contact them - they have to contact us. Let us knowif there are any other myths that you have heard about lawyers and we will aim to bust them (or own up to them).